My first Bootleg

The Who’s Pre-show announcements
Oct 12, 1982 Shea Stadium
Queens, New York

A hitwitstuff2 AUD Recording!

Recorded with the internal mic of an unknown brand dictation recorder that I borrowed from my dad on Realistic brand micro-cassettes.

Oh this is a beaut!  My very first bootleg!  Yep, at the tender age of 18 I set out with my buddy Joey to drive by ourselves from North East PA to the borough of Queens in NYC.  A little over 2.5 hours.  Months earlier I had bolted from my internship in Manhattan, crossed town in a taxi, got ripped off by the taxi driver who instead of giving me my change told me to “get the fuck out” of his taxi, gotten in line and waited two hours to get a wrist band to get in line and wait longer to purchase tickets from a random draw to see my favorite band in the whole wide world, The Who.  Oh, and The Clash were opening.
I immediately realized I had to somehow capture this event for posterity! So with Dad’s hand-held micro-cassette recorder hidden in my jeans jacket pocket.  I actually cut a square hole in the pocket where the mic was located so it wouldn’t be muffled.
So you’ll hear a young stupid buzzed me and some other great heavily accented cameo voices say stooped idiotic shit as myself, my buddy Joey and various New Yawkers come and go yelling over the yelling.
So the general admission field standing room crowd began to surge forward and fights broke out and an ambulance was called.  So here’s some great atmosphere from the night from the crowd.  Fleeting moments candidly caught at an exciting time.  Some wonderfully humorous stage announcements.  All in brilliant lo-fi mono!
I’ve also included some scans and pics of the following day’s New York Post which did its best to present the evening as “A Riot!”
I mostly tracked where I edits appeared in the actual tape due to my turning the recorder on and off to preserve tape.
Approx 6 minutes